Rubber custom product manufacturing

We manufacture highly customized rubber products to satisfy any client's requirements.

Effegomma rubber company claims 33 years activity in the rubber molding branch.

It offers flexibility, expertise and assistance from the projecting phase, to the final product 
completion suggesting the best type of materials, processing and finishing

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  • Rubber, polyurethane, silicone, EPDM, NBR wheels

    Effegomma rubber wheels are one of our main production.
    Both in terms of types and quantity. We produce over 30,000 wheels per month.

  • Suction cup on oil-resistant aluminum body, designed for lifting large glass windows. The double lip and the two internal seals give this article a high security even against accidental bumps.

    Vacuum cups for swimming pools and Suction cups for different application areas.

    Effegomma manufactures several types of suction cups and various types of suction cups in a variety of materials, such as EPDM, NBR and VMQ (silicone) depending on the final use.

  • Vulcanized and rubber fitted ring roller

    Roller are made of different materials, as brass, aluminum, iron, core. They can be coated with any rubber type available in the market, according to customers’ needs, mostly depending on roller application.

    Rubber fitted ring roller are generally large sized: diameters included between 42mm and 90mm, lengths ranging from 600 mm up to 2000mm. They find applications in handling, dragging and calibrating machine sectors.

Effegomma Items
are not part of any standard catalogue

Any product is fully customised according to customers’ requirements.
The images on this website are provided for illustrative purposes.

We can also produce

Rubber Wheels

Rubber Cups

Rubber Seals

Rubber Rollers

Rubber Plates


Recoil Rubber Pads

Special items and Accessories

Effegomma rubber company

We privilege customer relationships, listening and analysing any problem and need. We are able to provide highly customised rubber products, that meet requirements of different market branches.

The company has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1999.
Thanks to a highly specialized staff, we provide our customers with a steady and lasting fidelity through:

  • Competence.
  • Ability to select and bind different materials with, for example, high friction coefficient, peculiar chemical properties abrasion or UV rays resistance.
  • A know-how secured by a long experience, applied to a wide range of items of different dimensions.
  • Compliance with current quality standard required by.

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