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Manufacturing  and sale of rubber and rubber bonded to metal technical items.

We are very skillful in technical rubber molding, both small and large production series. We take care of our clients from the design, up to the finished article.

Professionalism, competence and flexibility, in addition to a thorough knowledge about vulcanization of rubber and rubber bonded to metal, allow us to provide highly customized products: a single piece as well as tens of thousands of pieces

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rubber molding: some products

Very high quality items

We select and aggregated different materials according to our customers needs: as coefficients of friction, chemical resistance, abrasion, UV rays and much more.

Very long experience applied to a wide range of articles, even for minimum sized items

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Accurate Production

From the very first to the last step we take care of every detail, we use innovative techniques for both producing and controlling.

We plan the exact delivery date to respond with promptness and accuracy to our customers' demands

vulcanization of rubber

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The images present in site have purely illustrative function.
Effegomma’s products are not part of any pre-specified catalogue.

Every product is completely personalizable
and they are realized according to every customer requirement.