The Company

EFFEGOMMA s.r.l is a company specialized in the production of technical rubber and rubber bonded to metal items, manufacturing small and large series, featured by high technological quality and good value for money.

We give preference to the quality relationship with our customers in order to understand their needs.
We are able to provide highly customized products complying with the requirements of different market segments.

The company has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1999.
Thanks to a highly specialized staff, we provide our customers with a steady and lasting fidelity through:

  • Competence.
  • Ability to select and bind different materials with, for example, high friction coefficient, chemical resistance and abrasion or UV rays, fitting every customer's need.
  • A know-how secured by a long experience, applied to a wide range of articles of different dimensions.
  • Conforming to current standards and quality the market demands.


Our experience will prove to be very useful for competitive value choice in the complex world of rubber molding technology.

Effegomma claims 25 years-old activity in the molding branch, It offers professionalism, flexibility, expertise and assistance from the beginning of a project through to manufacturing the finished article, suggesting the best type of materials, processing and finishing.

All marked by efficiency.

Distinctive Skills

EEffegomma has an extensive knowledge of rubber and rubber bonded to metal vulcanization by means of injection, compression and transfer molding processes, We manufactures a large variety of technical items.

  • Rubber suction cups/li>
  • Rubber rollers
  • Rubber wheels
  • Driving wheels
  • Silicone wheels
  • Recoil Rubber pads
  • Rubber pads for conveyor chain
  • Rubber Bumpers
  • Rubber grommets and cable gland
  • Seals
  • Suction cups for water-fitness equipment

We also manufacture several rubber accessories through innovative production technology.

  • Cold bonding is used for items which cannot be vulcanized; it allows to assembly rubber-metal-plastic items, whereas tolerances required are up to 0.05mm.
  • Roller coating up to 2m length, by means of assemblying rubber rings on a pipe or a rod.
    The process allows a quick repairing of the roller in case of breakage due to misuse, You simply replace the ring, drastically reducing the machine downtime (it takes no more than 10 minutes for fixing the broken ring).

Wide range of machines equipped for different kinds of production.

From the single piece to the productions of tens of thousands of pieces and thanks to careful programming, we are able to meet quickly any pressing need our customer might have.

  • Compression molding presses
  • Injection molding machines
  • Spray booth
  • Sand blaster and final treatment equipment
  • Mixing rollers machine
  • Liquid nitrogen deflashing machine
  • Grinding machines

Flexibility is a value we grow.

We provide  finished products as well as semi- manufactured ones for third parties.
Our components come exclusively from Italian supplier chain, in order to ensure the articles both quality and durability over time.

Production control system.

CAllows us to plan the exact delivery date and to respond promptly and accurately to our customers' requests for postponements and advances.

We also ensure service by telephone, email, and on-site.
Moreover we give our customers advice through Skype ™ and show any item peculiarity or new equipment by webcam.

We still and strongly believe in the value of man’s word and we build up lasting relationships on mutual trust, over the time.


Our supplies refer to the following market areas

Woodworking, glass and marble machines
Rubber suction cups, lifting suction cups, vacuum suction cups, rubber rings, rubber grommets
Shock absorbers
Seals, wheels, rubber drive wheels
ubber recoil pads
Electric motors
rubber flooring, rubber bumpers
Drive wheels, rubber rollers
Suction Cups for water-fitness equipment
Industrial laundries
Silicone wheels, rubber flooring, rubber bumpers

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