Vacuum cups for swimming pools, suction cups for water fitness equipment

Suction cup Ø60 EPDM with M8 stainless steel screw vulcanized inside.

Excellent for any vacuum application in the atmosphere as well as dipped in fluids such as water and chlorine or sea water.

Ventose per vuoto, piscine e attrezzature sportive

Hydro bikes

Ideal for the hydro bike activity, the Effegomma’s suction cups permit to hold the aqua bike steady to the bottom of the swimming pool.



Strong and resistant, they allow a perfect adherence also to the heaviest fitness equipment such as the treadmill.

Tapis roulant


For the lovers of Aqua Step, the suction cups for swimming pool are the ideal solution to hold the equipment well steady to the bottom of the pool.


Acqua Pole

Ideal to practice Aqua Pole in the swimming pool, they make the equipment extremely steady and anchored to the flooring.

Acqua pole

Suction cup with full vacuum chamber

Maximum grip ensured within minimum space, 60mm diameter and 25mm height only, M8x25 or M8x20 stainless steel screw moulded inside the rubber.
Highly recommended for tapis roulant, aquabike, and aquastep.

Ventose a camera grande per piscine

Suction cup with half vacuum chamber

Born for dropping the full chamber grip of 60%, it has the same geometry of the previous one, and it's mainly used for easing the lift of heavy equipment.

Ventose a camera ridotta per piscine

Supporting foot

This is the last evolution of the half vaccum chamber suction cup: it has a flat surface on the bottom hence no grip at all. Used in combination with the other suction cups it ensures the easiest way to lift any equipment.
In fact the user, will easily pick-up the equipment from the side of the flat foots and the remaining suction cups will lose their grip through leverage effect.

piedino di appoggio
Ventosa per mattonelle a mosaico

Suction cup for mosaic tiles

This very unique product is made by a specific rubber which can adapt to mosaic surfaces with small tiles such as 1x1cm, or even next to edges.
It has enough grip to be safely used while compressed from the equipment's weight, and it prevents any slippery effect where all the other suction cups can't work because of the holes between tiles.

Complete resistance to the water

The Effegomma’s suction cups can be immersed in water and chlorine or sea water ensuring a total resistance and a complete adherence.

resistenza all'acqua


The EPDM rubber distinguish itself for the ability of maintaining its characteristics unchanged over time, ensuring longevity.

Adherence to mosaic floors

Effegomma realizes special suction cups that permit a perfect adherence to the mosaic floors.

pavimento mosaico

The Effegomma’s suction cups are realized to fit every customers’ needs.

Effegomma Items
are not part of any standard catalogue

Any product is fully customised according to customers’ requirements.
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