Rubber accessories

Grommets, Bellows and tiny rubber items

In the macro category of rubber accessories, many highly customized products are included.

Each product is made of various materials, depending on its use.
For example for rubber grommets working in presence of electricity it is required an insulating rubber like EPDM.

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rubber grommet

3 holes rubber grommet

These products find application in the automotive world, solar panel manufacturing, electrical network wiring and automated machine production like robotic arms.

1 hole rubber grommet

We are able to accomplish rubber accessories of any kind, respecting technical specifications and design of the customer.

We guide you toward choices of elastomeric materials best suited to your needs.

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Rubber bellows

Rubber bellows are both functional and aesthetic items, so we use NBR rubber as it is oil resistant and gives the item a glossy and fine surface.

Rubber special items

Oval pistons, micro bearings, seals.
Check out Special Product family.

Learn more.

prodotti su disegno

The images present in site have purely illustrative function.
Effegomma’s products are not part of any pre-specified catalogue.

Every product is completely personalizable
and they are realized according to every customer requirement.

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