Vulcanized Rollers

Vulcanized rollers are generally small, varying their diameter from a few millimeters to100mm and their length ranging from 20 mm up to 580 mm.

Furthermore, after the molding phase, it’s possible to engrave the surface with custom shapes, such as rhombus, crosswise lines, endless screw.
Its application could vary from dumping dust or liquid in wood, glass or marble machinery, up to handling plastic bags, vials, syringes…
Customers are free to choose any customization.

Rulli gommati vulcanizzata
Rulli gommati vulcanizzata

Vulcanized Rollers


Vulcanized rollers are generally small, varying their diameter from a few millimeters to100mm and their length ranging from 20 mm up to 580 mm.

Rulli gommati in ottone


Roller are made of different materials, as brass, aluminum, iron.
They can be coated with any rubber type available in the market, mostly depending on roller application.

Special processing

Rollers can be shaped by special grinding stone by special tools, as in the case of polyurethane rollers studied and meant for increasing the film grip in packaging sector machines


polyurethane roller


Our vulcanised rollers find application in panel handling, paper and film dragging and woodworking machinery.

Rulli per nastri trasportatori
rubber rolle

EPDM foam rubber rollers

EPDM foam rubber rollers applies solvent on iron and aluminum panels.

Roller conveyor

Made by different type of rubber, they are mainly used when the user need to move a product which can get dents easily, and the usual PVC coat is still too much hard.
From yacht to companies, from hard to soft, from antistatic to static, from oil resistant to glue resistant..
We always will study the best solution for each request.

Roller conveyor

Rubber Roller Ring

Make it possible to manufacture any type of roller at lower costs compared to vulcanization.

Effegomma Items
are not part of any standard catalogue

Any product is fully customised according to customers’ requirements.
The images on this website are provided for illustrative purposes.

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